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Lost key replacement being testedAs a business owner you probably know the struggles of having to trust others with a key to a building or store. And you always try to pick the most trustworthy employee you have but even then sometimes accidents and mistakes happen. But what do you do when you don't have a replacenywmu key and you can't open for another day of work?

It's always a good idea to keep a key copy ready, and always have a lost key replacement plan. So what do you do when there is a key missing and you need to get in to work? Well you call Austin Key maker at (512) 522-8635 and you set up and appointment with one of our specialties technicians and they will bring a key maker out to you and start working on key copys and lost key replacement right away for you. All it takes is one simple call. Our locksmiths are friendly and always ready to help you no matter what the problem may be.

Locksmith install new locksOur locksmiths however are capable of doing more than just making key copys. They are locksmiths after all. They can also help you install new locks when you decided that you need them. If you have a store front then you know that your locks are always being touched and used and after a while after that wear and tear they get old, and worn and need to be replaced. So when you need to install new locks you only need to call Austin Key Maker and a locksmith with be out to your business and ready to help you install new locks.

So no matter what your key needs are, as small as a key copy or and entirely new lock system, we can help and want to be the company you call to keep your business safe with new locks, and ready with new keys. So give us a call at (512) 522-8635, visit our website at or come give us a visit at 9612 Lamar Blvd Austin TX 78753